Pet Quote and Mental Health Reflection.

Here is a pet quote to help you refelct on your mental health and your relationship with your pet.

“Pets reflect you like mirrors. When you are happy, you can see your dog smiling and when you are sad, your cat cries.” — Munia Khan

Pets are often considered as an extension of our family, providing us with love, comfort, and companionship. They can bring joy and happiness into our lives, but they can also reflect our moods and emotions which can be a valuable tool for improving our mental health and well-being. By paying attention to how your pets react you can become more aware. The reflection they give you provides an opportunity to become more self-aware and in control of your emotions, feelings, and behavior. Here are some ways to use the relationship with your pet to become more self-aware and increase your health and well-being.

  • Notice your pet’s behavior: The first step in using your pet to become more self-aware of your emotions is to pay attention to your pet’s behavior. Does your pet become excited when you are happy, or do they become anxious when you are stressed? Observe how your pet reacts to your mood and use this as a starting point for understanding your own emotions.
  • Reflect on your own emotions: Once you have noticed your pet’s behavior, take a moment to reflect on your own emotions. Are you feeling happy, anxious, or stressed? Try to identify what is causing these emotions and take note of how they are affecting your behavior.
  • Practice mindfulness: Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present in the moment and aware of your thoughts and feelings. By practicing mindfulness, you can become more aware of your emotions and how they are affecting you and your pet. Spend time with your pet, and focus on the present moment, paying attention to your pet’s behavior and your own emotions.
  • Use your pet as a grounding tool: When you are feeling overwhelmed by your emotions, use your pet as a grounding tool. Take a moment and pay attention to your senses.  How does your pet look, how do they feel, are they making any noise? Grounding helps you refocus on what is in front of you through your senses to relieve difficult emotions. By practicing grounding techniques with your pet, you can feel more centered and increase your confidence, and self- control.
  • In all the instances above it is important to ask yourself “how am I feeling?” “how do I want to feel?” “and “what do I need to do for myself, in this moment, to get to how I want to feel?” Then of course do just that.

Pets can be a powerful tool for improving your emotional well-being. By paying attention to how your pet reflects your mood, you can become more aware of your emotions, feelings, and behavior giving you the power to change them.

It is also important to remember that while pets can be a valuable tool for providing a mirror to change in the moment and increasing your ability to improve emotional well-being, they should not be relied on for extended bouts of depression or consistent episodes of anxiety. It is important to seek help from a mental health professional if you are struggling with and are not able to gather support from you pet to move through the difficult negative emotions. If you cannot find the answer to the questions listed above, seek professional support.

To your health and wellness

Dr Julie and Sadie Quinn

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